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Philippe Hélard
Author Composer

member of the S.A.C.E.M. and of the S.A.C.D.

Singer and musician
member of the S.P.E.D.I.D.A.M.

Instruments used: Panpipes, flutes of bamboo, flute, guitars, percussions, synthetizers.

Principal Achievements

  •  2002
    writing and realization of the musical spectacle "Bird small bird" in collaboration with B-Hug (plastics technician) and Karine Abril (scenario writer).
  • 2001
    - recording d?un MINOR ROAD 5 titles?Los Glandos: Cincos?
    - launching of CD?Trésor of the Fund of the Pockets?
  • 2000
    - composition and realization of l?habillage musical of the chains of shops "Oxybul" (plays and toys)
    - and "Grounds and Water" (drives out, fishing and nature) in the Lilloise area.
  • 1999
    - writing of the musics of the ballet of science fiction "lost Continents" of Claude Allain and Caroline Vélan.
    - writing of the songs and musics of the musical "Heels Switches and round leather" of Claude Allain and Jean-Michel Gil y Galvez.
  • 1998
    - writing of the songs and musics of the spectacle for children Play toys of Claude Allain and Caroline Vélan.
  • 1997
    - design of the album "Treasure of the bottom of the pockets", MINOR ROADS 11 original titles for children.
  • 1996
    - writing of the songs and musics of the spectacle for children "Christmas of legend" of Claude Allain and Caroline Vélan.
  • 1993
    - exit of l?album MINOR ROAD 13 titles?Los Glandos - S/Fiesta?.
  • 1992
    - musician (panpipes and kénas) in "Transfiguration", spectacle of Michel Garnier and Pakoune, presented at l?UNESCO in 1998.
  • 1991
    - foundation of the group of music of the Andes "Los Glandos".

Studies :

  • Flute, history of the music, musical theory (Conservatory of Toulon)

  • Diploma for the occupation of Teacher (Teacher training school of Draguignan). Teacher part-time currently.

  • D.E.U.G. Modern Letters (University of Aix-in Provence, 1987)

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Concert musical workshops, festival of the music with Rocbaron.

The song of the cricket was carried out with the Studio Cane and Bamboo.

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